The Beach Putt Story

It all started by accident really. During a trip to Isle of Palms, SC, a random golf ball fell out of one of our bags and quickly rolled down the packed sand like it was on a freshly mowed green. Lightbulb! Why not turn the beach into our own personal putting green?

After a few prototypes and testing, Beach Putt was officially born and has quickly become an instant hit.

Our goal – to make Beach Putt your new favorite beach game.

We love the beach. We love golf. So it was exciting to create a fun idea that brought them both together. Whether you want to practice your short game solo, or play with a group, Beach Putt is the perfect activity for any beach trip.

Not every beach is the same, and not every day is a beach day..but we got you covered. Sand not ideal for putting? No problem. Just use our Beach Putt rings and flags and you can turn Beach Putt into a fun chipping style game. Our flags push easily into the ground, so you can even use on grass!

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The Beach Putt Team

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